DAUSY Courses and Seminars

The DAUSY national Ph.D. program offers several courses and seminars focusing on specific topics of autonomous systems. All these courses and seminars will be held for free in hybrid mode, in order to guarantee the full and effective sharing of educational activities among local and mobility Ph.D. students, as well as speakers and tutors.

The list of courses and seminars active in the 2022-2023 academic year is available below. Note that the list is constantly updated.

Courses with final examination offered by DAUSY in 2022/23

Title Instructors ECTS Hours Period SSD Abstract
Analysis and control of cyber-physical systems Giordano Pola (L'Aquila) 3 30 2023 INGINF/04
Introduction to modeling, analysis and control of complex systems Pietro de Lellis (Federico II) 1 10 January-February or June 2023 INGINF/04
Modeling, filtering and controlling aerospace systems Martina Mammarella (CNR Torino) 2 20 March-July 2023 ING-INF/04
Stochastic approaches in Systems Biology Pasquale Palumbo (Milano Bicocca) 1.5 15 January-February 2023 ING-INF/04
Linear algebra for control applications Luca Schenato (Padova) 2 20 Spring 2023 ING-INF/04
Fault detection techniques in condition monitoring: model-based and data-driven methods Silvio Simani (Ferrara) 1 10 To be defined ING-INF/04
Modeling and simulation of biological and medical systems Alessandro Borri (CNR Roma-L'Aquila) 3 30 January-June 2023 ING-INF/04
Optimal control for Climate change and air quality Claudio Carnevale (Brescia) 1 10 March-April 2023 ING-INF/04
Linear and nonlinear Kalman filtering: theory and applications Luigi Chisci (Firenze) 1.5 15 January-February 2023 ING-INF/04
Navigation systems for autonomous systems Lorenzo Pollini (Pisa) 1.5 15 January-February, Oct/Nov 2023 ING-INF/04
Duality-based decentralized and distributed optimization Raffaele Carli (Bari) 1 10 June/July 2023 ING-INF/04

Seminars offered by DAUSY in 2022/23

Title Instructors ECTS Hours Period SSD
Introduction to dynamic control allocation Sergio Galeani, Mario Sassano (Roma Tor Vergata) 3 10 November 2022-March 2023 INGINF/04
Applied data-driven fault diagnosis Francesco Ferracuti (Politecnica Marche) 1.5 5 February-March 2023 INGINF/04
Introduction to fault diagnosis and fault prognosis Alessandro Freddi (Politecnica Marche) 1.5 5 March-April 2023 INGINF/04
Virtual constraints for mechanical systems Luca Consolini (Parma) 1.5 5 June-July 2023 INGINF/04
Safety vs security in risk based vehicle routing Roberto Sacile (Genova) 1.5 5 To be defined INGINF/04
Network dynamics and control Mattia Frasca (Catania), Pietro de Lellis (Federico II) 3 10 January-February or June 2023 INGINF/04
Hacking the control systems Federica Pascucci (Roma 3) 1.5 5 January-February or July 2023 ING-INF/04
Learning influences in large scale dynamical social networks - a systems and control approach Fabrizio Dabbene, Chiara Ravazzi (CNR Torino) 1.5 5 March-July 2023 ING-INF/04
Opinion dynamics Francesco Vasca (Sannio) 1.5 5 February/July/September 2023 ING-INF/04
Sustainable exploitation of renewable energy sources Silvio Simani (Ferrara) 1.5 5 To be defined ING-INF/04
Linear matrix inequalities in systems and control Francesco Ferrante (Perugia) 3 10 April/May/June 2023 ING-INF/04
Complex Systems Modeling Chiara Mocenni (Siena) 1.5 5 To be defined ING-INF/04