Organization and network

The doctoral program DAUSY is established according to the Ministerial Decree DM226/2021 which establishes the “Doctorates of national interest”. DAUSY includes 38 participating and partner institutions (Italian universities and national research centers). The participating institutions are the main headquarters for the research and training activities of the Ph.D. candidates while teaching staff of partner universities is involved in the program.

Politecnico di Bari is the administrative headquarters of the Ph.D. program with an administrative office that collects partner memberships, manages accreditation, and dedicates a technical-administrative staff to the secretariat of the doctoral program.


DAUSY is managed by the following five bodies.

  • Coordinator: a faculty member elected by the Academic Board. The coordinator remains in charge for five years.
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  • Vice-coordinator: a faculty member nominated by the Coordinator among the members of the board, supporting the coordinator in his/her functions.

  • Curriculum Representatives: each representative is a faculty member elected by the faculty members pertaining to each curriculum. Representatives remain in charge for five years.

  • Doctoral Council: includes up to 5 members, namely the Coordinator (who chairs the council), the vice-coordinator, and the three curriculum representatives.

  • Academic Board: this board includes all the faculty members, each pertaining to one curriculum, including international members who are faculty or researchers affiliated to foreign universities or research centers. The Academic Board meets at least six times a year.
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  • Steering Committee: comprises members of a high international scientific profile identified by the coordinator from among those who have given an expression of interest and meets at least once a year, performing the functions of supervision and scientific guidance of the doctoral program.

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