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  • [August 1, 2023] The second call for the Ph.D. course XXXIX cycle (2023/24) is now open!
  • [June 22, 2023] The English version of the call for the Ph.D. course XXXIX cycle (2023/24) is now available.
  • [June 13, 2023] The first call for the Ph.D. course XXXIX cycle (2023/24) is now open!

In order to enroll in the Ph.D. program, candidates must pass a public competition regulated by a specific Call for Applications. The competition is open to applicants who hold a Laurea Magistrale/Specialistica or a foreign Master’s Degree (See the specific requirements below) recognized as equivalent to the mentioned Italian degrees.

The second call for the Ph.D. course XXXIX cycle (2023/24) is now open. Applications can be submitted from August 1, 2023, at 13:00 (CET), until August 31, 2023, at 13:00 (CET).

Note that you must read carefully the call for applications. Additionally, make sure to review all the information provided on this website as well as the official Poliba website ( These sources contain crucial details that you need to be aware of before submitting your application. Only applications submitted through the official procedure will be considered during the selection process.

All the most important information regarding the application is reported below. Please make sure to read carefully the Call for Applications for further details.

Admission requirements


Language requirements

If English is not your native language, you need to demonstrate a degree of proficiency corresponding, at least, to the B2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Knowledge of Italian is preferred but not required.

Specific requirements

The application for participation in the competition for admission to the PhD can be presented, without age and citizenship restrictions, by those who:

  • on the expiry date of the Call are already in possession of the II level access qualification:
  • will obtain the qualification required for admission by the maximum deadline of 31 October 2023

Candidates must hold an M.Sc. degree, preferably in Systems and Control, Electrical Engineering, Artificial intelligence (AI), Mechanical Engineering, or related subjects.

The suitability of the foreign qualification which, on the other hand, has not already been declared equivalent to a degree, without prejudice to the official verification of the administrative validity, is ascertained by the selection committee of the competition in compliance with the legislation in force in Italy and in the country where it was issued the qualification itself and international treaties or agreements on the subject of recognition of qualifications for the continuation of studies. In particular, for the purposes of this recognition, candidates must attach to the online application any documentation deemed useful for the purposes of assessing suitability. Filling out the online application implies the implicit request for verification of the suitability of the qualification obtained abroad.

Moreover, candidates should fit the following profile:

  • Being a talented and enthusiastic young researcher;
  • Strong background in the fields of control systems;
  • Strong academic background and rich experience in engineering systems, embedded systems, and system design;
  • Good programming skills in MATLAB/Simulink and/or Python;
  • Being a team player with excellent communication and cooperation skills, in a dynamic and multi-disciplinary project-driven environment;
  • Creativity and ambition, hard-working and persistent mindset;
  • Ability to independently organize your work;
  • Good scientific writing skills.
Scholarships and fees

Scholarships and fees

Scholarships are determined as follows:

Net scholarship for research periods in Italyabout 1200 €/month
Net scholarship for research periods abroadabout 1800 €/month
Research budget 20% (total in the 3 years)*about 12000
Taxes**120-160 €/year

*The research budget can be used for registrations for on-site and online conferences; photocopies; posters; textbooks; computers and related equipment; expenses for publishing publications and language courses.

**Taxes are calculated based on the Italian ISEE (Equivalent Financial Situation Index).

Required documents

Required documents

Applications and instructions are available on the official page ( and here.

Required application attachments (Note that only the official templates for the required attachments must be used):

  1. File A detailed curriculum vitae including research experience, project experiences, and/or any previous publications (official template: Modello CV (Italiano)CV Layout (English version));
  2. File A valid identification document;
  3. File Degree qualification certification for first (Bachelor) degrees and second (specialization/Master’s) degrees (official template: Titoli di Laurea con voti ed esami (Italiano)Degree qualifications with exams self declaration form (English version));
  4. File The candidate’s Master’s degree thesis (or five-year Single Cycle degree);
  5. File A Ph.D. research proposal according to one of the available scholarships (official template: Allegato Format DAUSY);
  6. File Declaration of failed administration fee payment (only in case it is not possible for candidates to pay using the PagoPA system).

Optional application attachments (Note that only the official templates for the required attachments must be used):

  1. File A self-certification for any other qualification deemed suitable for evaluation (official template: Dichiarazione altri titoli (Italiano)Other qualifications self-declaration form (English version));
  2. File An abstract of the thesis of the specialist/Master’s degree (or five-year Single Cycle degree);
  3. File Two letters of presentation from professors or researchers in Italy or abroad;
  4. File Language certification;
  5. File Any publications.

Please note that:

  • You must refer to the official P.h.D. page of Politecnico di Bari ( for news and additional detail on the application process.
  • International candidates who do not have an Italian ID Number (Codice Fiscale), required during the application, may get a provisional code from the website (You can find a guide here)
  • A guide for NON-EU PH.D. STUDENTS NEEDING A STUDY VISA is available here.
  • Italian candidates may be required to provide additional self-declarations. Please refer to the official call for application for additional details.
Applications procedures

Applications procedures

The submission of the application for the competition for admission to the aforementioned Doctoral Courses can be made from June 13, 2023, 09:00 hours, and by July 17, 2023, 13:00 hours (peremptory deadline), exclusively using the appropriate computer procedure on the PICA portal (Integrated University Competitions Platform) available at the following link

The procedure is accessed on the PICA portal which can be accessed after registration or with SPID credentials, as indicated in the Guidelines (link to the manual). In case of technical problems before and during the application process, you can contact the dedicated technical support at the link in the application filling interface (HelpDesk PICA active Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.).

Any applications submitted in a different manner will not be considered.

Admission examination

Admission examination

Admission to the course involves a selective procedure to assess the candidate’s knowledge of the subject matter and their aptitude for scientific research.

The Commission has a total of 100 points for the evaluation of each candidate’s qualifications and examinations. he admission exam consists of:

  • An assessment of qualifications held (average exam marks, final degree mark, theses, Master’s degrees, post-graduate courses, language certification, publications, etc.);
  • An assessment of the Ph.D. research proposal;
  • An interview to ensure a complete evaluation of the candidate and to verify the applicant’s aptitude for research and willingness to undertake experience abroad and areas of research interest.
Minimum scoreMaximum score
Assessment of qualifications held1020
Assessment of the research proposal2040
Oral interview2040
Overall assessment50100

Admission is granted upon attaining the minimum score for each category.

The Examining Board will compile a list of candidates who are eligible to take the oral interview. Before the oral test, candidates will be informed of their scores, which will be published on the university website.

The evaluation of qualifications and oral tests will take place from July 20 to August 1, 2023. The interviews will be conducted online, and candidates will receive detailed instructions regarding the test through a public notice on the Politecnico di Bari website (

Causes of exclusion

Causes of exclusion

The following are considered causes for exclusion from the competitive procedure:

  1. Submission of the application for admission outside the procedure;
  2. Failure to provide one or more mandatory documents for the application;
  3. Making false statements regarding statuses, facts, or qualities.
  4. Non-payment of the application fee within the specified deadline.

The complete list of scholarships is available below