Degree awardedPh.D. in Autonomous Systems
Program lengthThree years full-time
LocationDifferent universities and research centeres in Italy
Starting dateNovember 1, 2023
Funding40+ fully paid scholarships (list of the research projects)
More information on the programA presentation on DAUSY in PDF
A practical guide on DAUSY in PDF

Program overview

Ongoing developments in the fields of Automation, Control Systems, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence are expected to heavily influence the role that engineering systems play in our society.

Autonomous systems are the leading drive that enables technologies such as smart manufacturing, autonomous vehicles, drones, and smart grids, which are capable of learning and independently performing decision-making tasks.

The Doctoral program (Ph.D.) in AUtonomous SYstems (DAUSY) aims at providing high-profile skills, as well as rigorous research training, in order to prepare students to become versatile professionals and knowledgeable researchers.

Major focus will be put on the broad field of Automation Engineering, together with its numerous connections to Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Optimization, Communication Systems, Information Theory, Machine Learning, Computing, Mathematics, and Signal Processing. Ph.D. graduates will be capable of conducting high-quality original research, creating new knowledge, deriving valuable insights, and making tangible impacts on academia and the field.

Main research directionsBenefitsRequirementsScholarships

Main research directions

  • Design and develop autonomous engineering systems, with applications to smart manufacturing, autonomous vehicles, smart grids, robotics, and many more.
  • Develop smart control algorithms (e.g., AI-enabled control, data-driven control, vision-based control) for smart environments such as smart cities, autonomous vehicles and mobile robots, smart grids, sustainable mobility systems, smart buildings, and smart homes.
  • Develop testing platforms for emerging techniques to advance engineering autonomous system applications (e.g., cyber-physical systems, digital twin techniques).
  • Design automated and high-performance industrial systems, studying issues related to distributed control and supervision for systems composed of networks of sensors, actuators, and collaborative robots.
  • Design and operation of autonomous systems to guarantee their reliability and security, ensuring their proper functioning even under uncertainty (robustness), monitoring and predicting failures, ensuring that confidentiality and privacy requirements are not violated, countering both physical and cyberattacks, and designing secure processes in environments where automated and human systems interact.


  • A meaningful job in a dynamic and ambitious Ph.D. program with the possibility to present your work at international conferences.
  • Enrollment at one of the prestigious universities and research centers in Italy, with the possibility to spend several months at national industrial companies and/or international research centers or universities.
  • Full-time employment for three years.
  • A gross monthly salary and benefits (such as pension contributions, maternity leave, and unemployment benefits).

Language requirements

If English is not your native language, you need to demonstrate a degree of proficiency corresponding, at least, to the B2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Knowledge of Italian is preferred but not required.

Specific requirements

Candidates must hold an M.Sc. degree, preferably in Systems and Control, Electrical Engineering, Artificial intelligence (AI), Mechanical Engineering, or related subjects. Moreover, candidates should fit the following profile:

  • Being a talented and enthusiastic young researcher;
  • Strong background in the fields of control systems;
  • Strong academic background and rich experience in engineering systems, embedded systems, and system design;
  • Good programming skills in MATLAB/Simulink and/or Python;
  • Being a team player with excellent communication and cooperation skills, in a dynamic and multi-disciplinary project-driven environment;
  • Creativity and ambition, hard-working and persistent mindset;
  • Ability to independently organize your work;
  • Good scientific writing skills.

Scholarships for 2023/24

Here you find the list of scholarships available for 2023/24.

Scholarships for 2023/24 are determined as follows:

Net scholarship for research periods in Italyabout 1200 €/month
Net scholarship for research periods abroadabout 1800 €/month
Research budget 20% (total in the 3 years)*about 12000
Taxes**120-160 €/year

*The research budget can be used for registrations for on-site and online conferences; photocopies; posters; textbooks; computers and related equipment; expenses for publishing publications and language courses.

**Taxes are calculated based on the Italian ISEE (Equivalent Financial Situation Index).

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