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Scientific production of the lab

Publications list of the D&C Laboratory

Please send an email to Prof. Mariagrazia Dotoli (ti.ab1713894596ilop@1713894596iloto1713894596d.aiz1713894596argai1713894596ram1713894596) if you are interested in getting the preprints of any publication by the Decision and Control Laboratory

–> Research activities and Master/PhD theses of the D&C Lab
–> Research metrics of the D&C Lab

Research areas

The staff of the laboratory provides research services and technology transfer in the following macro-areas:

Networked systems

  • Management and control of complex systems
  • Decentralized and distributed control and optimization for large scale systems
  • Epidemic models
  • Social networks models

Industry 4.0

  • Smart manufacturing
  • Digital Twin,
  • Virtual Reality,
  • Collaborative Robotics
  • Modelling, control and optimization for industrial applications
  • Re-engineering and automation of manufacturing processes and systems.
  • Coordination of agents and sensors networks.
  • Fault detection and recovery.
  • Scheduling and planning problems, workflow management.
  • Models for maximizing the effectiveness of technological products and processes.
  • Methods for the reduction of alternatives, particularly in case of high quantity of choices.

Transport and Logistics

  • Passengers transport
  • Freight transport
  • Logistics 4.0
  • Modeling, simulation, and control of container terminals and mono and multi-modal logistic systems
  • Decision Support Systems for planning and management of Intelligent transportation systems, road and railroad traffic,dangerous freight transport

Smart Cities

  • Smart management
  • Smart energy
  • Smart mobility
  • Decision Support Systems for the planning and management of Smart Cities and smart buildings
  • Management and optimization of electrical mobility
  • Management and control of energy systems
  • optimal planning of the energy activities of a smart home, networks of smart homes, management of the optimal charging of electric vehicles

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