New Ph.D. Course: Mathematical introduction to control and optimal control problems

In this course, of around 25 academic hours plus some seminars given by other experts, the main mathematical theory and tools will be introduced for the study of control and optimal control problems. In particular, the course will focus on controllability and stability conditions for linear and nonlinear systems; on necessary conditions for optimality both for linear/quadratic and nonlinear optimal control problems; on the dynamic programming method and the Bellman equations for optimal control problems as well as for differential games; on the geometric control point of view and Lie groups. Below there is a list of possible arguments. The major prerequisites are: linear algebra, differential and integral calculus in one and several variables, Cauchy problem for systems of ordinary differential equations, uniform and integral convergence of functions, basic notions of metric spaces.

Duration: 25 hours

Professors: The course will be taught by Professors Andrea Pinamonti and Fabio Bagagiolo (Dipartimento di Matematica РUniversità di Trento).

Course modality: The course will be held in a hybrid modality.

More details about the course will follow.